Payday Loans Debt Consolidation Payday loan consolidation One of the credit institutions is starting to accept the Baby Loan as early as June!

One of the credit institutions is starting to accept the Baby Loan as early as June!

One of the banks can apply for the Baby Waiting Loan from June 17, 2019. One of our featured partners, June 17, will be able to apply for the Baby Waiting Preliminary Examination, so that qualifying couples will have access to a favorable loan early on July 1st.

Young couples who plan to have children for up to HUF 10 million may also qualify for a free-of-interest subsidized loan.

An expert at the bank said he expects significant interest in the baby loan. That is why it is believed that the volume of loans may increase by 15% this year, and the bank expects growth exceeding the usual requirements.

The credit institution is welcoming young married couples interested in a baby loan 13 days before July 1, 17 June. Thus, with the entry into force of the Loan and Subsidized Loan Act, young customers can obtain a loan immediately.


The conditions for a baby loan are as follows

baby loans

  1. Couples must be over 23, but the wife must not be older than 41, and the husband must not be more than 70 at the time the loan is repaid.
  2. The claiming family must have an adequate, certified income to pay off the repayment, as the Baby Loan is subject to the Decree regulating the installment ratio.
  3. The monthly installment cannot be more than 50,000 HUF.


Conditions for a baby loan

Conditions for a baby loan

If the couples meet the conditions, the amount of the concessional loan can be raised from 2 to 10 million forints, from 60 to 240 months.

As the terms of the Baby Waiting Loan are very beneficial for married couples who are about to start a family, credit institutions expect a large number of inquirers to reach the order of thousands already in the first month.

Thanks to the Baby Waiting Loan, the loan market is expected to grow faster this year than last year, and credit institutions are hoping to see significant progress in CSOK, home loans and subsidized home loans this year as well.

Our credit brokerage colleagues are aware of all the details and pitfalls, so please do not hesitate to ask us for help with which of our partners is the first to support Baby Waiting. Fill out the form below.