Hello and Welcome to Peter-Sarsgaard.net, better known as Peter Sarsgaard Online. This is a comprehensive fansite dedicated to the talented and gorgeous actor, Peter Sarsgaard, known for his roles in Kinsey, Shattered Glass, and Garden State.

This site promises to be your number one source for all things Peter. Including movie news, media, photos, and much more.

Enjoy your visit and if you'd like to give anything to the site or have any questions then feel free to email me and I will get back to you. You will get credit for anything submitted.

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The Disclaimer

Peter-Sarsgaard.net is 2004-2005 Skyler Barrett. This is only a fansite, and is not official in any way. I have no contact or affiliation with Peter, and I am not Peter. Do not remove anything from this site without permission. All rights reserved. No copyright infringement intended.

About The Site

This site began after I saw Garden State and I was obsessively thinking about 'the guy that played Mark in the movie'. Well, I went home and searched for fansites on Peter, and only found one. The next day, I rented Shattered Glass, which I learned that Peter also starred in. It's safe to say that I was an insane fan after seeing his haunting preformance, and I was all pumped to make a fansite on him.

I got hosted by efanguide.com and kind of slacked off on the site for awhile. Then I got a domain in December 2004, and launched the fansite again in January 2005.

Why Peter?

Very good question, and hard to answer. Peter is extremely unique, in both his style of acting, his look.. but mostly his voice. I am in love with this man's voice. It's hypnotic. Seriously it is. He has a voice like no one else's I have ever heard. I also think he is a really amazing actor, and seems to be able to take on all different kinds of characters, and bring some sort of depth to them. No matter how small the role is. He has charisma, he's intellegent, has a great personality, and most importantly chooses the projects he does carefully. I could go on, but I won't. What can I say? No one does it better than Peter.

The Webmistress

Need to contact me? Just email me. Simple, isn't it?