Nuru massage – 3 times when you should really consider getting one

Truth be told, there’s rarely a bad time to get a nuru massage. Where a regular rubdown offers countless benefits as it is, with nuru, your experience can be spiced up even more! Still, there are times when undergoing this procedure could prove even better for you and your health. Take a look at when is it best to let a fresh breeze from Japan blow into your life.

Nuru massage is a known stress killer

It’s a commonly known fact that a well done massage of any type can work wonders in alleviating stress. However, a body to body massage such as nuru is really something when it comes to getting rid of that tension and anxiety that often besets people. There are no holds barred in the “b2b” and your whole body will get what it desires. Not only can you expect relief for your rigid muscles – which are commonly caused by stress, but your private parts also won’t go without notice – if a regular rubdown weakens stress, a “happy ending” is guaranteed to outright kill it! The stress build up also affects the erogenous zones, and a sexual release is a sure way to let off some of that steam. What’s more, the massage goes about it in a more refined way than what you may be used to – say hello to the so-called edging. This clever teasing and prolonging of the climax up until the last moment is not only exciting and pleasurable, but can arguably even make you a better lover! So, say goodbye to tension, concerns and worries and welcome nuru as your delightful ticket to a stress-free life!

After a breakup, you can find solace in a nuru therapy

Are you suffering from a heartbreak? Sliding into sadness and depression won’t help anything, trust us. Whereas getting a body to body nuru massage from a skilled and beautiful masseuse – well, if it won’t help, it won’t certainly hurt. But the chance that your mind will be taken off your current condition is very high. The nuru masseuses are usually friendly, outgoing and even open to chatting about your problems, not just to massaging you and getting it over with. So, whatever it is on your mind, feel free to divulge it, your therapist is sure to listen, offer words of comfort… and more. Taking solace in the embrace of a beautiful girl must be certainly a number one cure for a broken heart – try it before you judge!

Suffering from aches or pains? Try this Japanese cure for yourself!

The older one gets, the higher the probability that he or she will eventually develop some sort of painful condition, be it chronic or episodic. Some sources claim up to half the male population is susceptible to it! While of course a “b2b” probably won’t rid you of your woes entirely, it can nevertheless offer at least a temporary relief. And honestly, what would be better – getting your rocks off with a beautiful masseuse, or popping one pill after another in hopes of mitigating the pain somewhat? You probably know the answer yourself. But to back things up with a bit of hard science – the “b2b” procedure causes endorphins to rush into your bloodstream. Endorphins are natural painkillers that cut off the pain signals before they reach the brain, even topping lots of ordinary meds in terms of effectiveness. Of course, it’s advisable to seek your practitioner’s advice before making that nuru massage order – while this procedure will be most likely beneficial, there are cases when it’s not advisable to undergo it, else you risk making matters worse. These cases typically include:

  • Having open wounds or cuts
  • Having big rashes or aggressive skin conditions
  • Suffering from heart conditions
  • Suffering from some types of cancer
  • Being on certain medications

What are some of the other situations in which getting a nuru rubdown would prove more beneficial than usual? Or perhaps you have other trusted ways to deal with the situations described above. Why do they work for you and would you recommend them over anything else? Leave a comment down below!